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What is the process of on acquisition ?
Ready to book? Please take time to read our detailed booking procedure to ensure everything is clear for you.

1. Information request :

You send us via phone or email an information request on the product you are interested.
Details on your investment are important (investment amount, type of flat…).
We will send you a proposal in reply.

2. Option :

If you are interested, ask us for a 48h option on the apartment to take it off the main circulars and give you time to process to pre-booking.

3. Pre-booking :

During the option, you must make a wire transfer in the amount of 5% of the TTC price in Euro to the Notaire’s escrow account.
You must also send us a pre-booking agreement filled in and signed as well as a copy of the transfer receipt by fax.
Your property is then pre-booked until reservation contracts are signed.

4. Paperwork :

We will prepare the contract package for you and send it by mail within 3 to 5 days.
As required by law, all contracts are French and we will send a detailed explanation of the different documents to be sure everything is clear for you.
You then have to send us back the documents initialled and signed as we will explain to you.
If you decide not to purchase the property, you have 7 days from the date you sign the contract to let us know and receive the 5% deposit back in full.

The Notaire will contact you by surface mail to confirm receipt of your reservation contract and deposit.

5. Loan :

Our French partner banks are able to finance your acquisition at very attractive Euro rates.
We will thus send you loan application forms to be returned to us with different documents.
The bank will give approval directly and send a loan offer. This loan offer must be signed and returned after10 days to be valid.

As the Notaire needs the bank loan approval to edit the closing, we will keep continuous correspondence with you, the Notaire and the bank to be sure things are running smoothly.

6. Closing (45 to 90 days from pre-booking)

You will be informed by mail of all details and potential closing dates, for which you may go to your nearest French consulate or come to France.
As soon as the funds are received and the closing signed you will receive your notification of ownership on the property.

As you might not be familiar with all the process, we will be present at anytime to answer your questions.

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